Interactive & Multi-Sensory

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

Interactive & Multi-Sensory learning and teaching is at the core of who we are at The Academy Virtual. This is our approach to helping our children learn at our school. Our learning environment involves movement, is fun and engaging. We utilize interactive teaching methods throughout our students’ lessons to engage, inspire and help them gain a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills they are learning. Often they don’t even realize they are learning because of our approach. All of our studentss senses are engaged while learning the skills, concepts and information being taught. 

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What is The Academy Way?

The Academy Way “is the WAY we do School.”

The Academy WAY is that every child has a GREATNESS to be discovered and cultivated. We focus our efforts on helping children understand that they each have a unique life path leading to their individual GREATNESS.

The Academy WAY follows these Five Paths:

Interactive & Multi-Sensory – Apply Now

The Academy WAY is to focus our time on the strengths of our students, not their weaknesses. We help our children understand who they are, what their strengths are, and how to minimize their weaknesses. This is what we believe will prove of most value to them in real-life.

Interactive & Multi-Sensory – Apply Now

Our schools embrace movement and love of the outdoors. We encourage discussion, exploration and creation. And we teach kids that failures are amazing opportunities to learn, grow and accomplish something remarkable. This is The Academy WAY.

The Academy Way is . . .

Progress Not Perfection

Every child enters their school journey at different points. They each have different experiences, resources and teachings that they bring with them.

Real-Life Application

Everything our students learn at The Academy Virtual is applicable to real-life. We follow state learning standards and focus on information and skills that apply to real-life situations.

Year-Round Calendar

We believe keeping kids engaged in learning every month throughout a calendar year is necessary for their long-term success.

Interactive & Multi-Sensory – Apply Now