Student Testimonial – Steven

Here is a Student Testimonial from one of our amazing kids. Steven was a student at The Academy Virtual for our inaugural school year. This is what Steven had to say when asked about our school – “The teachers make sure you understand what their teaching.” – By Steven

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Characteristics of an Academy Virtual Student

A “typical” Academy Virtual student may have characteristics like the ones below:

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  1. 1. ADHD
  2. 2. Average IQ
  3. 3. Dislike of school
  4. 4. Dyslexic
  5. 5. Lacking self-confidence
  6. 6. Learning challenges
  7. 7. Low self-esteem
  8. 8. Labeled an “underachiever”
  9. 9. Difficulty sitting still
  10. 10. Poor writing skills
  11. 11. Poor reading and/or comprehension skills
  12. 12. Reading challenges
  13. 13. Specials needs or general education
  14. 14. Struggles in a traditional school setting
  15. 15. Thinks outside the box

Student Testimonial – Apply Now

What is The Academy Way?

The Academy Way is the “WAY” we do school.

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We are a network of private schools specializing in discovering and cultivating the GREATNESS in children with Dyslexia, ADHD and Non-Traditional Learners.

Progress Not Perfection

Every child enters their school journey at different points. They each have different experiences, resources and teachings that they bring with them.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Academy Way, The Academy Virtual and our affiliates are committed to the principle of equality.

student testimonial

Student Testimonial – Apply Now