Want to make Tic Tac Toe or similar games more content-based? 

I have the answer with this teaching tip!  

Insert what you want the student to master in the blank spaces.  The student has to answer the question or recall the fact properly to claim that space.  My examples below are concerning math content only, but this can apply to other content areas! 

Titles of parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives could be inserted or for history, you can put in different important dates or concepts.  

For example, I might reinforce addition facts by putting in ‘eight plus nine’ or ‘two plus three’, etc. in the blank spaces. 

In this next instance, I want to reinforce certain mathematical formulas, such as ‘area of a trapezoid’ or ‘area of triangle’ or whatever. 

Another way I might go about it is to reinforce fractions of whole numbers greater than one as seen below: 

You get the picture!

The alteration forces the student to answer the question correctly in order to claim that space.  This helps reinforce the concept, but with friendly competition while increasing proficiency.  I hope you find this teaching tip helpful.


Rosemarie Colon is a Math Coach at The Academy Virtual. She received the Coach Award in December 2020 for superior engagement, team spirit, and teaching with great heart. She has been featured on our blog and served as a keynote speaker for a Parent Info Session about “Dyslexia – A Mother’s Journey.” You can hear more about her story in this short video here.