Math is important, especially learning your math facts — even in our very high-tech age. 

But WHY, you might ask? 

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We have calculators, apps, computers.  What’s the use?! 

Knowing your math facts frees you up to do bigger things.

In fact, it can even save your life!  It gives you independence.  Math is also about order.  It can give not only order but also logic to your life.  There are many scenarios where using a calculator, an app, or a computer is not feasible.  It is good for you and our society for everyone to at least know their math facts.  The main point of knowing your math facts is because it frees you up to do bigger things, such as…

1) Balancing your budget!  
I balance my budget almost daily.  I am always using math facts, even if I’m using a calculator.  

2) Calculating the liftoff of a rocket ship. 
I have never done this, but I am sure they use a lot of math to get this to happen!

3) Cooking, if you need to double or halve a recipe.

4) Fixing up your home!  
My husband replaced quite a few sections of our kitchen floor. 
He had to use a lot of math in purchasing the right amount of ceramic tile. 

5) Gardening and making your lawn beautiful! 
When putting out fertilizer on your lawn, you want to use the right amount so you don’t waste your time and money.

6) Making proper change, especially if you are a cashier!

7) Making sure you are getting the best deal on whatever you want to buy!  

8) Making sure you give someone, like a sick or very allergic loved one, the right dosage!!! 
My son, when he was much younger, would only take medicine if it was in liquid form.  If the measuring cup marked for milliliters was not available, I had to do math to translate this to teaspoons.  Yes, there are apps and websites for that, but it is convenient to not be dependent on others for everything.

9) Making your own disinfectant! 
Since Covid, we make our own disinfectant to save money, especially when there is a big run on bleach and other disinfectants!

10) Helping your kids with their math homework!  
This enables you also to save money on a tutor and to bond more with your child.

And on and on and on…

So you see, learning your math facts IS IMPORTANT! 

Being dependent on an app, calculator, or computer for everything is not good for you or our society.
Knowing your math facts frees us all up to do bigger things! 

Rosemarie Colon is a Math Coach at The Academy Virtual. She received the Coach Award in December 2020 for superior engagement, team spirit, and teaching with great heart. She has served as a keynote speaker for a Parent Info Session called “Dyslexia – A Mother’s Journey.” You can hear more about her story in this short video here.